Marine Benefits

The sea and oceans represent more than 70% of the planet’s surface and have always been essential to humans. Source of life and benefits, they concentrate all the nutrients essential to our health and well-being.

The sea can revitalise the mind and body.

The sea is the source of 92 minerals and trace elements that are vital for our individual balance. It revitalises the body thanks to its concentration in active ingredients. Algae concentrates up to 10,000 times more revitalising minerals than land-based plants. It revitalises the mind as it is a source of well-being. Did you know that the coastline concentrates 1,600 more negative ions than urban air!

“No water, no life. No blue, no green” – Sylvia Earle.
La mer nous veut du bien

The 5 THALGO Commitments

~ Clean Ocean : We carry out beach clean-up operations regularly thanks to more than 300 committed THALGO employees.
~ Green Pack : Material for our cartons and POS is from eco-managed forests. We’re committed to reducing plastic and improving how much of our packaging can be recycled.
~ Clean Beauty : We’re integrating a maximum amount of ocean-friendly ingredients and reducing use of controversial substances.
~ Green Factory : We’re reducing water consumption. We’re recycling our materials and reducing our carbon footprint.
~ Corporate Social Responsability : We’re producing renewable energy thanks to our industrial site. We’re taking on good things to do by using reusable bottles and reducing our waste and how much we print.

THALGO supports The SeaCleaners

THALGO was born of the oceans and has always been committed to protecting the environment and the seabed. 

In 2021, THALGO is mobilizing even more for the oceans, by joining the association THE SEACLEANERS, created by Yvan Bourgnon, to clean up the oceans and reduce waste, thanks to the Manta project.

This giant depollution and recycler catamaran, designed by Yvan Bourgnon, will travel the world’s oceans most exposed to plastic pollution from 2024.

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